Pfds, Leashes and Lives - How do we get the message across?

After another paddle boarder fatality last weekend, and an overall increase in SUP fatalities, folks are finally paying attention of safety.

The Distressed Mullet, one of industry's best online mags has a great piece on how to get the word out there about safety....

Here at Mullet Central, we try to maintain a Stoke Only Zone. It’s important to us to stay positive and stoked about all the things about paddling that make us so happy and keep us strong as a community. So what I am writing might seem like a departure.
And I might be preaching to the choir.
But honestly, there is something I am growing very weary of – writing, it seems like every other week or so, about another needless SUP-related drowning in a lake or river or otherwise benign-appearing body of water somewhere.   In fact, it seems to be getting to be so commonplace, I actually found myself worrying that I’m getting desensitized to these stories. The scenario is almost always the same:  paddle boarder falls off, gets into trouble, disappears underwater and is found a day or two later by search and rescue officials. The story always includes this sentence, “He/she wasn’t wearing a leash.” And/Or “his/her pdf was found on the board.”
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Don't strap it, wear-it.  And get a more comfortable PFD

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Rob Casey
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